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November 3, 2016

Kiren & Ambi Wedding 2016

Sweet Crepes for Wedding at Ramada Hotel, Park Drive Wolverhampton.

This was all set to be an epic day for us! 400 sweet crepes for the wedding of Kiren and Ambi.

We are often the part of the evening celebrations at a wedding, but today we were scheduled for the whole of the afternoon. We arrived in fabulous sunshine for October and manoeuvred our little van round the back onto the grass at the rear of the hotel. Once decorated we had the burners roaring and were all set to go. Chantilly was decorated in mostly white and ivory with a hint of pastel. The guests arrived once the wedding ceremony had finished and the crepe service began. So pleased I had decided to put in some gluten free batter as several guests needed this and were really pleased they could have a crepe. (Always best to check if your guests have any specific food requirements.)

Later in the afternoon the bride and groom arrived and we were lucky enough to have some beautiful shots of Kiren with her crepe next to our little van. What a beautiful bride!!

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